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The Sims 3 Complete (Inclu ALL DLC)

Create the lives you’ve always wanted!

Ready to live a freer, more creative life? In The Sims™ 3, you can let your fantasies run wild as you design your ideal world. Start with your Sim, refining each shape, color and personality trait until you get the precise person that pleases you. Design your dream home, but don’t let a grid limit you; place, rotate and stack furniture and walls freely and to your heart’s content.

Once the “hard work” is over, it’s time to be a mentor. Guide your Sim’s path through life, developing a career, finding love, and pursuing dreams and desires. Spending time with friends and family is just as important as mastering painting or accumulating knowledge.

Take things to the next level and record movies of your Sim’s adventures and share them with the ever-growing and thriving community. With a huge catalog of expansion packs and fun objects to discover, there is no end to the possibilities awaiting you. It all begins here; your adventure awaits!


  • Customize Your Sim: Mix and match a vast range of facial features and body types to get the look you want. Infuse your Sim with personality traits and help realize their dreams.
  • Stage Your Own Extreme Makeover: Decorate your Sim’s home however you want, neat or messy. Use odd angles, create tall stacks of items, and apply your favorite self-made pattern to the walls and floors.
  • Range From the Home: Get out of the house and explore the lively and entertaining neighborhood for the first time. Be a part of the larger online community!

The Sims 3 Download:

TITLE: The Sims 3
DEVELOPER: The Sims Studio
PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
RELEASE DATE: 2 Jun, 2009
GENRE: Simulation,Cracked

RELEASE NAME: The Sims 3 Complete Inclu ALL DLC

Included content:

Base Game v1.67.2.024037 (Steam)
The Sims 3: 70s 80s & 90s Stuff
The Sims 3: Ambitions
The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff
The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff
The Sims 3: Generations
The Sims 3: High End Loft Stuff
The Sims 3: Into the Future
The Sims 3: Island Paradise
The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats
The Sims 3: Late Night
The Sims 3: Master Suite Stuff
The Sims 3: Movie Stuff
The Sims 3: Outdoor Living Stuff
The Sims 3: Pets
The Sims 3: Seasons
The Sims 3: Showtime
The Sims 3: Supernatural
The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff
The Sims 3: University Life
The Sims 3: World Adventures
Complete Content Store Items Collection (63 weeks worth of content)
Overwatch & ErrorTrap mods for better game perfomance
DLC Toggler/Uninstaller for enabling/disabling/uninstalling of official add-ons
FPS Limiter/3Booter utilities for limiting the framerate to 30 FPS



    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6300
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon RX 550 / GeForce GTX750Ti
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 35 GB available space

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The Sims 3 Complete Inclu ALL DLC – P2P

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